Oscar Ready?

We are so excited to be featured in West Hollywoods Lifestyle Winter issue 2016 – Highlighting the Academy Awards and the events around them – Since the profile, we have been getting many calls about being Oscar ready… Our followers and clients want to know how to throw the hottest oscar party in town!

Here are a few simple tips you can follow-  Note: for the next few weeks leading up to the oscars we will be taking a tip and diving deeper into it, giving you more secrets on how to throw a Oscar party your friends won’t forget and best of all won’t want to miss out on next year.

How to throw an award winning Oscar Party.

The Academy Awards is one of the most glamorous evenings of the year

  • Pre party Send out an official invite as if they were invited to the Oscars, do your research and include the correct oscars information for the year.
  • Serve chilled Moet champagne and also provide the official Governors Ball specialty champagne cocktail.
    ▪ Always invite your guest into your home with a speciality drink to start the evening off
    ▪ Have your guest dress to Kill.. It’s the oscars and this will get them in the mood for a grand evening at your party
    ▪ Set the tone with nominated songs such as the theme song “Mia & Sebastian’s Theme”! for La La Land – Contuine to play all the music through out the night mixing in the others that are up fo an oscar – All the nominated movie scores are a great for your background music.
  • ▪ Have fun and send out a Oscar Ballot so your guest can vote for the winners and then give a grand prize for the winner – a mini Oscar you can find from a party store – have it engraved as the best guest of the year –

▪ 2017 will make 23 years that Wolfgang has been doing the oscars menu.- So be sure to do your research and select some of Wolfgang top Oscar menus for your party!
▪ Have your guest dress to Kill.. It’s the oscars and this will get them in the mood for a grand evening at your party _ Also a nice touch is to rent a red carpet and have a photographer there to take pictures to make it a night to remember for your guest – You can event have fake paparazzi there…

  • You can even theme the dress after the movie of your pick – My pick La La Land

Stay tuned for more details on how to throw your own star-studded evening!


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us – Send us a message through the green question below!

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