14 Fun Facts About Michael

1. As a kid I was a Stunt Driver for TV Commercials

2. My "hands" starred in the TV show MacGyver, I tied a lot of bombs..

3. I was discovered by a top fashion designer in Italy and starred in his runway show - all without speaking Italian.

4. My biggest rush was running with the Bulls in Pamplona Spain

5. The most fun I had in a while was designing a dog merchandise store in Tokyo named Fifi & Romeo. Woof!

6. I took flying lessons as a lark.

7. I am a sculpture and have produced and exbiht several art installations.   I also have my own art studio in LA.

8. I have a special talent for Identifying continuity mistakes in movies, It drives me nuts!

9. My clients have nick named me "The Michael"

10. I secretly arranges for a Missing Man Formation (United States Air Force) to fly over for a memorial event I produced at a private Beverly Hills estate.

11. I loved working with Lisa Vanderpump on filming an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills it was a riot!

12. I see myself a design rebel always working for great people and great causes.

13. I never take no and an answer - anything is possible!

14. Once to help out a fundraiser, I dressed up in drag and sang - it was not a pretty sight!

Event Highlights


The Photos on this page are some samples of events we have produced acrossed Southern California,  Please pardon our dust - we are  underconstruction - For more information please call us at 310-980-2028

OUR WORK at The Creative Lifestyle Factory

Commercial and Residential Interiors

Weddings Prouduction and design

Events Production and Design 

Corprate Event








From Morning TV to the Bevely Hills Housewives- 




With nearly two decades of producing Nationals and international events for high profile clients.  Michael has a loyal following of clients, venues and vendors.


MGM Grand International

Diner en Blanc Las Vegas

Crustaceans Beverly Hills

Wallis Annenberg

The Bel Air Bay Club

The Bel Air Hotel

Fred Segal

United Talent Agency

The Montage Hotel

Saddle Rock Vineyard

The Ojai Valley Inn

The playboy mansion

The Beverly Hills Hotel





Dr. Dre

The An Family

Charles Munger

Tyler Perry

Wallis Annenberg

Victoria Beckham

Ann Walton Kroneke

Petra Ecclestone

Nancy Laurie

Vicki Walters

Kelly Osburne

Fred Segal

Lisa Vanderpump

And many others.....




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