WOW where do we begin!

Being one of our favorite events. Working with a client that their whole life have been looking towards this moment makes it such a special honor to make their dreams come true.. I have to say I probably cry more than the client. DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

From a wedding at Ojai Valley inn to a Oscar de la Renta fashion show in Beverly Hills

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, or no occasion, our Love and Romance flowers will set the right tone. Our team headed by Joe will create the perfect mood, whether celebrating having a wedding, anniversary or looking to surpris your company with a Holiday event. And don’t forget a bouquet of love and romance flowers , can spice up a romantic evening.  Celebrate today with a gift that’ll bring beauty to all occasions!  Joe and his team go directly to the flower disturbitures bring you not only the freshest flowers but also allows us to cut out the middle man…

From Back yards to the MGM Grand in Vegas

Our Clients range from Private Estates on the beaches of Malibu, back yards and Hotels in Beverly Hills to the Strip in Las Vegas and Showrooms through out the westside. Each location allows us to create a magical moment by transforming an empty space into a dream.. this is where dreams are not dictated by the size of the project, From an intimate affair for two to an event for the entire company.

Urban Art from found Iconic Pieces around the city!

I love finding items such as the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” and maling my stars. Each of my pieces have a political or life meaning – I’ll have the descriptions on my store once it’s open – also you’ll see a 10′ steal sculpture that I was commissioned to do for a client in Beverly Hills to honor her husband.  It has fire, water, glass and steel with over 30,000 lights that dance to music – So blessed to create meanful art out of found objects – My item ship around the world and will be on show in a gallery soon – You can see that last gallery showing under videos.. Enjoy! michael

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Crustacean’s Resturant, Bellacures Nail Salons to your own estate..

Interior design is the art or process of designing the interior, often including the exterior, of a room or building. Our interior design team headed by Michael coordinates and manages such projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, communicating with the stakeholders of a project and the management and execution of the design. Having designed homes through out Beverly Hills and Commercial projects such as Crustaceans in Beverly Hills to A Fifi & Romeo Store in Tokyo, no project or dream is out of our reach. Let us help you create your next beautiful space!

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By: Alison Dunn

Michael Habicht, Wedding / Event Planner Extraordinaire
It is my great pleasure to tell you about one of the BEST professionals I’ve had the opportunity to work with, Michael.
I met Michael while I was in the midst of coordinating an almost $Million Dollar Wedding for the executive I worked for.
She had already hired “the most expensive wedding planner in Beverly Hills” for the job.
They were true to their reputation — Most expensive for sure, but NOT the most creative or communicative.
I needed to make a change as my boss was not happy with their vision or their pricing.
Then a miracle happened and I found Michael. Michael was able to bring the most extraordinary energy and vision to a delicate situation.
He knew we already had a company in place.  He was able to join our team and to take control without the need to “take charge.”   Unlike most professionals in this situation who would have wanted “complete creative control,” Michael took the high road and was more than happy to “blend” with the existing situation so it was a win-win-win for everyone involved.  Most of all the Bride & Groom, and after all, isn’t that REALLY the point of a Wedding?  Michael created and was the ultimate guide for the entire Team and made the day a reality.
Michael’s vision, creativity, personality, tireless energy, incredible vision and sheer determination to “make it work” turned a difficult situation into one of the most memorable days I’ve been involved in and one of the Most Beautiful Weddings Ever to take place at the Ojai Valley Inn, (those words are straight from the General Manager’s mouth btw . . . )
I’ll never be able to thank Michael for his contribution to that Amazing day.   I think he’s more than a little bit Magical.   If you can catch his energy and vision for your special day or event, DO IT!!!   You will never be anything but thrilled that you did.
Mahalo Nui Loa Michael.  Keep weaving your Magic!!!!
Alison L. Dunn